Experiential Therapy

There is no doubt that someone who has a substance use disorder can benefit from participating in a comprehensive treatment program that is designed to meet their unique needs. For those who do obtain treatment, they will likely participate in services such as detox, therapy, and aftercare programming based on the level of care that they require.

With more people than ever before obtaining professional treatment for substance use disorders, treatment programs across the country are offering not only their very best therapeutic modalities, but also ones that have proven to lighten the mental, emotional, and spiritual load that addiction can place on one’s shoulders.

When people, regardless of where they come from, what actions they partake in, or what beliefs they have, put themselves in situations where they can be hands-on with something, tap into their creative sides, or do something physical that produces feelings of reward, they tend to benefit from the positive effects of these things. This is especially true for those who have substance use disorders, as one of the main triggers of substance use disorder is being able to feel a sense of reward almost instantly. Experiential therapy is a great option for those who want to still gather that sense of reward but without abusing substances, as well as for those who require an outside-of-the-box approach to therapy. Experiential addiction therapy in Athens, TN is not only viewed as being engaging and sometimes even fun but also as a medium where therapists can help clients access different aspects of their substance use disorders.

What Is an Athens, Tennessee Experiential Addiction Therapy Program?

An Athens, Tennessee experiential addiction therapy program is a type of therapy that utilizes activities that help clients express themselves while enjoying what they are doing. Through this expression, clients are given a different platform to talk about events, experiences, feelings, and emotions surrounding their past, their present, and their future. When conducted in concert with other evidence-based treatments such as individual and group therapy, experiential addiction therapy can be extremely beneficial.

Some of the greatest benefits produced through experiential addiction therapy program include the following:

  • Learning how to manage stress
  • Identifying challenges and utilizing problem-solving skills to address them
  • Building positive self-esteem and self-worth
  • Learning how to take accountability for one’s actions
  • Developing new, more effective ways of communicating with others
  • Improving the ability to work successfully in a group
  • Increased sense of self and spirituality

Experiential therapy remains one of the most widely sought-after components of addiction treatment not only because of these benefits but also because clients truly enjoy utilizing these means while in recovery.

Types of Experiential Addiction Therapy

As with any other type of therapy, it is important to determine which clients are best suited for this type of therapy. For example, experiential therapy is not a good option for a client who is experiencing a symptom like psychosis. Specific types of experiential addiction therapy in Athens, Tennessee (such as highly physical activities) are also not optional for some clients, especially those who are struggling with physical and/or severe cognitive issues. However, there are countless individuals who can greatly benefit from many types of experiential addiction therapy program. In addition to psychodrama and play therapy, other experiential therapies include those listed below.

  • Art Therapy

Art therapy is a top experiential addiction therapy in Athens, as almost everyone who is in recovery can participate in it.

When involved in art therapy, clients will utilize a number of different artistic means to help them express themselves and access emotions that are difficult to bring up in other typical therapeutic settings. Some of these artistic means include painting, sculpting, dancing, drawing, acting, poetry, and playing music. Painting, for example, can help clients utilize a paintbrush to depict how he or she feels inside in relation to a certain event, allowing a therapist to get a better idea of what the client is going through. As a result, he or she can ask appropriate questions designed to pull those feelings apart and truly address them. The same goes for those who partake in music or dance therapy, as showing a therapist how you express yourself in these settings can invite them in to better manage the client’s treatment.

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy

It is more common than not for those with substance use disorders to struggle communicating with others in effective ways. It is also common for these individuals to shy away from people because of past experiences or out of fear of judgment. When engaged in animal-assisted therapy, however, these individuals can connect with animals in a way that allows them to open up.

For example, one popular type of animal-assisted therapy is equine therapy. Clients will be led by an equine therapist in a number of different exercises with a horse. Through these exercises, clients can connect with the horse in ways that help them relax, think clearer, and be willing to explore feelings and emotions that have been locked away.

  • Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy, which includes activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, ropes courses, and the like, is a form of therapy that can truly help clients address interpersonal issues and problems with self-esteem. Through many of these activities, clients will have to communicate with one another in order to achieve a goal, as well as put trust each other in times when it is necessary to let go of control. Additionally, this type of experiential addiction therapy in Athens, Tennessee can help clients build their self-esteem, as through physical activity he or she can achieve a number of different personal successes.

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If you are addicted to one or more substances, do not wait to get the help that you deserve. The more time that you let pass you by will only make it more challenging for you to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery. So, take action right now and reach out to a treatment program that can offer you specialized services like an Athens, Tennessee experiential addiction therapy program.

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