EMDR Therapy

Millions of people across the United States have experienced trauma in their lives. In fact, reports show that 70% of people in the country have experienced at least one traumatic event. Today, with more unrest and chaos occurring than what has been seen in the past, greater numbers of people are being traumatized by things both big and small.

Trauma is simply defined as a “deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” For someone to be impacted by a traumatic event, either he or she needs to have the first-hand experience with it or witness is occurring. Some of the most common types of trauma include the following:

  • Combat exposure
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Physical, mental, or emotional abuse (first-hand or witnessed)
  • Abandonment
  • Terrorism
  • Natural disasters
  • Witnessing death
  • Physical accidents/serious illnesses

For some, the traumatic event they experience can be something that is much more common than those things listed above. Divorce, relocating, and the death of a family member can cause serious trauma, too. In fact, with the current events that are occurring within the country today, countless individuals have experienced trauma as a result of things such as mass shootings, gun violence, international relations, and even political issues.

Experiencing trauma is not easy by any means, and the more time that passes, the more the trauma can seem to hurt. However, those who have developed conditions such as complex trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can receive the professional help they need in order to move past the trauma and live a happy, healthy life.

What Is EMDR Addiction Therapy Program In Athens Tennessee?

There is a multitude of different approaches to treating trauma, however, few have garnered as much recognition as EMDR, which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. There is still an incredible amount of information to learn in regards to EMDR, as researchers are still not entirely sure how it fully works. However, millions of people have benefitted greatly from this form of psychotherapy.

EMDR is a specific technique that encourages clients to dredge up the traumatic event or events that they have experienced in an effort to work through them and make them less overwhelming, frightening, and/or emotionally draining. A client will follow a light or an object while recalling these events to help the brain become less focused on the event itself, but focused enough on it to start working through it with a therapist.

What Is An EMDR Session Like?

Every individual who is healing from trauma and is receiving EMDR treatment is going to participate in this type of therapy for as long as he/she and the therapist sees fit. However, most often, EMDR addiction therapy program in Athens Tennessee occurs in 60-90 minute sessions for, on average, 12 sessions. However, sessions can continue for as long as needed in order to address the trauma properly.

At the start of an EMDR session, a therapist will ask the client to focus on a traumatic event that they have experienced. In previous therapy sessions, the client and therapist have likely discussed all traumatic events that are related to the client, so the therapist has a solid background on how to guide the client. The therapist will either move an object around and ask the client to look at it or have him or her follow a set of lights while recalling the traumatic event. When the movement stops, the client is asked to gather his or her thoughts and tell the therapist about them. The therapist will then work to pull at that information to help the client continue to overcome the event. This pattern will continue over the course of each session. Prior to a session being over, however, the physical act of partaking in EMDR will cease so that the client can regroup from the work he or she did, as it can be a very draining and upsetting process.

There are countless types of therapeutic treatments for conditions like trauma, however, it is important to understand that EMDR addiction therapy program in Athens Tennessee has the potential to, as mentioned above, be very distressing. Therefore, when partaking in EMDR sessions, it is usually recommended that clients do not make plans for themselves for after their sessions, as they may be experiencing sadness, frustration, anger, or other emotions that could impact their ability to be present in something else. However, the more that EMDR addiction therapy program in Athens Tennessee is participated in, the more the client clears out of his or her mind, making it slightly easier than before.

Benefits of JourneyPure’s Athens Tennessee EMDR Addiction Therapy Program

For those who have experienced and have lived with the effects of trauma usually do not become very excited about participating in EMDR, mainly because it takes a lot of effort and can be upsetting to recall certain events. However, EMDR offers several different benefits that can get an individual feeling alleviated of the impacts of his or her trauma.

Most importantly, EMDR addiction therapy program in Athens Tennessee can help individuals feel less threatened and fearful of the traumatic event/events that have plagued him or her. Once these negative emotions are cleared out, it can become obvious just how heavy they weighed on an individual. Also, participating in EMDR can help people start to be able to talk through the traumatic event, rather than become so overcome by emotion that it never gets discussed. Once EMDR has allowed a client to let down his or her walls just enough, he or she can start to benefit from feeling more in-tune with him or herself, having a better understanding of the traumatic event, and letting go of long-held beliefs that might have been distorted surrounding the trauma.

Get The Right Help Through JourneyPure’s EMDR Addiction Therapy Program In Athens Tennessee?

If you have experienced one or more traumas, there is nothing to be ashamed about. How you feel is a direct reflection of what you have experienced and should never be pushed aside.

By reaching out and beginning EMDR addiction therapy program in Athens Tennessee, you can start taking back your power and no longer allowing the effects of trauma control you. Do not wait any longer. Contact us right now. We can help.

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