Adolescent Treatment

Being an adolescent has never been viewed as being easy. During these formidable years, adolescents go through countless physical, mental, and emotional changes that shape who they become in the future. It is extremely common for nearly all adolescents to experience feelings of not fitting in, not being attractive enough, and being misunderstood.

It is also common for adolescents to make decisions that tend to not support their wellbeing during this time in their lives. For those who have already gone through adolescence, it is crystal clear why certain experiences happened they way they did, or why specific emotions came to the forefront more than others. However, when in the midst of this critical time in life, adolescents can experience extreme highs and extreme lows, and everything in between – all in a week.

Parents of adolescents throughout the country can agree that raising children and teens during this time of life is challenging to say the least and say so with a knowing laugh. However, some parents and their adolescents are experiencing adolescence at the same time as a substance use disorder.

Adolescents from all corners of the country struggle with unpredictable feelings and emotions on a regular basis. Some, however, turn to the use of drugs and/or alcohol to cope. Some of the most common reasons why adolescents start experimenting and then abusing addictive substances is due to the following:

  • Stress due to homework, school performance, friends, and relationships
  • The desire to lose weight and keep that weight off
  • Wanting to mask poor self-esteem
  • Using in response to peer pressure to do so
  • Boredom
  • Untreated mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety

Adolescents also grapple with the idea that during their adolescence, they should be experimenting with these types of substances because if they do not do it now, they won’t be able to do it in the future. On top of that, several adolescents have biological and genetic factors that can contribute to the development of an addiction if he or she experiments with these substances.

Adolescent Addiction and Abuse Statistics

Addiction and abuse of drugs and alcohol amongst adolescents is nothing new. For decades, parents have worried about their children getting involved with the “wrong crowd” and experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and rightfully so. Adolescents are abusing a handful of different substances at increasingly shocking rates and going on to develop a full-blown substance use disorder in their very early adult years. Consider the following statistics:

  • 52% of adolescents have drunk alcohol and 20% have used marijuana by 8th grade
  • Approximately 28% of teens know someone in their age range that has used ecstasy
  • More than 60% of adolescents said that drugs were used, sold, and/or kept at their school
  • Nearly 64% of adolescents have abused painkillers they obtained from family or friends
  • Roughly 45% of adolescent fatalities occur in alcohol-related car crashes

In addition, adolescents are also abusing prescription drugs at growing rates just as adults are, with about 15.4% of high school students have abused prescription drugs at least one time in the past year.

Types of Therapy In Adolescent Addiction Treatment In Athens Tennessee

While rates of substance abuse have ebbed and flowed over the past few decades, it is safe to say that it is still an area of major concern today. When a parent or caretaker realizes that his or her adolescent is struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction, it can be extremely overwhelming, upsetting, and downright heartbreaking. However, adolescents (like adults) can receive addiction treatment that can help them stop using and get back on track to living a happy, successful life.

An Athens Tennessee adolescent addiction treatment program provides a comprehensive approach to care so that those who receive treatment can end their use once and for all. A major part of that treatment lies in the evidence-based therapeutic treatment approaches that they will be offered. When enrolled in an adolescent addiction treatment program in Athens Tennessee, young clients will obtain a strong foothold in their recovery by participating in the following treatment methods:

  • Contingency Management

While there are many adolescents that are internally motivated in the things that they do, there are still countless adolescents who still need that extra push to achieve something successful. For those young clients, contingency management is an excellent option for care, as it encourages them to develop treatment goals for themselves and reach them in order to receive a reward. This type of management helps young clients continue making progress in their treatment even when they might feel unmotivated to do so.

  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Like contingency management, motivational enhancement therapy works to prompt internal motivation. This form of therapy in an adolescent addiction treatment program in Athens Tennessee is a strong option for those who often partake in self-destructive behaviors but do little to take accountability for those behaviors. Through this type of Athens Tennessee adolescent addiction treatment program, young clients are encouraged to express empathy, develop discrepancy, avoiding argumentation, roll with resistance, and support self-efficacy.

  • Family therapy

Since adolescent addiction treatment program in Athens Tennessee is treating young clients, it is imperative to involve the family in his or her treatment process. Family therapy works to help everyone within the family unit, the young client included, learn how to communicate better, manage upsetting feelings in a healthy way, address resentments and anger due to the substance abuse, and find new ways to move forward as a healthy, functioning family.

Additionally, an adolescent addiction treatment program in Athens Tennessee also focuses on providing young clients 12-Step facilitation, allowing them to heal and continue to recover in the comfort of a group of people their age who can relate to their current and past experiences.

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