Meth Rehab

When addicted to a drug as powerful and potent as meth, an individual can quickly become out of control and fall into a downward spiral. Unlike some other drugs, just using meth once can start to change the way in which the brain works. Plus, that one-time use can rapidly become habitual, especially considering how physically and psychologically addictive meth is.

Meth is a substance that contains pseudoephedrine (a stimulant) as well as other common hardware store products like lithium, acetone, drain cleaner, ammonia, and paint thinner. Each and every one of these substances are toxic, and when someone repetitively uses it, the body starts to erode from the inside out.

Those who abuse meth are likely to have a number of physical symptoms that denote that use. It is extremely common for meth users to have skin sores, acne, and rotting teeth (which is known as “meth mouth”), as well as a frail and aging appearance. It does not take long for these physical symptoms to develop, as meth is a highly toxic substance. In addition to the physical effects of meth, the psychological ones can be even more devastating. For example, several users experience hyperactivity, paranoia, severe mood swings, aggression, depression, and hallucinations while under the influence.

With effects such as these, the continued abuse of meth can make it nearly impossible for an individual to hold down a good job, continue his or her studies in school, care for his or her children, and even practice good personal hygiene. Because of this, several meth users struggle with financial problems, familial issues, and constant conflict wherever he or she goes.

Meth addiction is not a death sentence, as it is a disease that can be treated. However, if treatment is not obtained, the results can be fatal.

Those looking to stop their meth abuse can do so at a meth rehab center In Athens, TN, where they will participate in a number of different levels of care designed to get them sober and solidified in their recovery.

What To Expect At Our Meth Rehab in Athens

Because meth is such a strong substance, it is common for those who have been abusing it to need the highest level of care, which is typically found within a residential treatment program. Within that program, clients will be able to detox in the care of medical and mental health professionals, participate in several different types of therapies, and build an aftercare plan with the team at our rehab in Athens so that when they leave treatment, they are prepared for everyday life.


In more cases than not, clients require detox, which is the process of removing all addictive substances from the body. Anytime someone is dependent on an addictive substance, suddenly stopping use will trigger the onset of withdrawal symptoms. For those who are detoxing from meth, these symptoms can be very serious.

Not only do meth users tend to experience common withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, and excessive sleepiness, but they can also experience meth-induced psychosis. When a client is experiencing psychosis during the detox phase, it means that he or she is having symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and obsessive behavior. Meth-induced psychosis can be extremely dangerous, as the client can put him or herself in harm’s way. Therefore, our Athens meth rehab center works to provide antidepressants, anticonvulsants, or antipsychotics to help alleviate this, particularly concerning withdrawal symptom.

A client will remain in the detox phase until he or she is stable enough to participate in therapeutic services. For some, they might stay in detox for a few days to a week, while it might take others a couple of weeks to fully detox.


Each client will be assessed to best determine what types of therapy will be most beneficial to him or her while at our meth rehab center. Every client will participate in foundational therapies including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Individual therapy will place focus on the client and the client alone, allowing for unresolved issues, feelings, beliefs, etc. to be properly managed. Group therapy encourages connections and bonds between all clients who are struggling with substance use disorders, as sessions will focus on healing commonly experienced issues surrounding addiction. And, family therapy is offered through a meth addiction rehab center In Athens Tennessee as a way to help provide care for the client’s loved ones, all while helping to rebuild the family unit in a healthy manner.

However, not all of one’s therapy will be strictly devoted to these types of services. Instead, other therapeutic means are offered. These commonly include trauma treatment (e.g. eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and prolonged exposure therapy), behavioral therapies like cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies, and experiential therapies that put clients in environments where they can physically engage in an activity that will encourage their own emotional progress.


Our meth rehab in Athens, TN will work with the client to develop the most beneficial and effective aftercare plan that meets their needs. For some, aspects of this aftercare plan will include going to local support groups on a regular basis, making personal changes such as no longer hanging out with friends who continue to use and finding ways to improve upon relationships with those in one’s support network. When the time comes for the client to leave treatment, he or she will have a guideline to follow and a facility to lean on when in need.

Get The Help You Deserve At JourneyPure’s  Meth Rehab in Athens, TN

If you are addicted to meth, reach out for help right now. No matter how discouraged you feel, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So, do not wait one more day to ask for the help that you deserve. Contact our meth rehab Athens, Tennessee right now. We can help you.

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