Cocaine Rehab

Being addicted to cocaine, a stimulant substance that produces effects including heightened energy, euphoria, and hyper focus, is a very serious problem. This particular substance, despite being glamorized in movies, music, and TV, can wreak havoc on one’s wellbeing and cause a fatal overdose.

For many, the abuse of cocaine starts out as a way to keep their energy up or to enhance their experiences when partying. It is also very common for people to seek out cocaine when they are struggling with severe psychological and emotional pain as a means of coping, as well as use cocaine in combination with other substances of abuse. Sadly, regardless of the epidemiology of cocaine addiction, the risks of using remain the same.

Those who are addicted to cocaine will often display the following symptoms:

  • Making cocaine use a priority and putting all other responsibilities on the back burner
  • Constantly sneaking off to use
  • Being deceitful or dishonest about the use
  • Stealing money or pawning things
  • Losing excessive amounts of weight quickly
  • No longer being interested in previously enjoyed activities
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Unpredictable mood swings

The continued abuse of cocaine can lead to problems at work, school, and/or home, leading to issues including unemployment, suspension, expulsion, divorce, loss of child custody, and so on. It can also cause severe physical side effects to develop, including cardiovascular problems such as coronary artery disease, tachycardia, myocarditis (inflammation of the heart wall), and heart attacks. Additionally, those users who snort cocaine can experience septal perforation damage, which is when a part of the nose is eroded away. In that same breath, snorting cocaine can also cause a hole to develop in the roof of the mouth where the oral and nasal cavities are separated.

These risks are merely just some of the many things that cocaine users can experience if they continue to use. However, professional help like the kind offered at our cocaine rehab in Athens, TN is available that can help individuals end their cocaine abuse for good.


Detox, which is often the first step in treatment, is the process when an individual clears his or her body from all toxic substances like cocaine. The only way to begin the process of detox is to stop abusing cocaine entirely, however doing so is often very distressing.

Individuals who have been abusing cocaine to the point where they are physically and/or psychologically dependent on it can experience several different withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult for them to stay focused on their sobriety. Some of these symptoms include extreme exhaustion, problems experiencing pleasure, suicidal thoughts/behaviors, depression, and vivid dreams. When in the care of experienced professionals during the process of detox, individuals can get through these and other symptoms and prepare themselves for additional treatment at a cocaine rehab center in Athens.

Types of Cocaine Treatment

Every cocaine user is different. For example, one individual might have a history of long-term, daily cocaine use while another individual might only abuse cocaine at parties, but experiences trouble being able to stop once started. This, along with several other reasons, is why there are different kinds of treatment for cocaine addiction. The goal of having a variety of programs available is to be able to meet the specific needs of each client in a manner that moves them towards recovery. The most common forms are described below.


Residential treatment is a program that has clients live at the facility while working on their recovery through detox services, therapy, and aftercare planning. Individuals who fit the bill best for participating in a residential cocaine rehab center in Athens are those who have severe cocaine addictions, who are also experiencing a mental illness, or who have made numerous attempts at getting sober but have been unable to do so independently. Residential treatment provides the most hands-on care out of all types of cocaine rehab, where clients will constantly be connected with mental health and medical professionals who can guide them toward success.

Intensive inpatient

For those who require a step-down from residential care, those who need more care than what can be provided through traditional outpatient treatment, and those who do not require detox are those who can benefit most from intensive outpatient programs. This type of cocaine rehab center has clients spend the bigger part of their days at the facility where the treatment is being provided, however, allows them to go home after their day is complete. Intensive outpatient programming focuses on providing clients with therapies including individual therapy and group therapy, as well as can help with medication management should a client need it.


Outpatient treatment is the most casual form of a cocaine treatment, as it requires individuals to spend only a few hours per day, a couple of times a week, at the facility. Those who are participating in outpatient treatment can continue to carry on with their everyday lives, including going to work, school, or keeping up with household or family responsibilities. Similar to both residential and intensive outpatient programs, outpatient treatment provides clients with a multitude of different therapeutic approaches designed to help them achieve sobriety and maintain their recovery.

The type of cocaine rehab in Athens that an individual will participate in will be based on his or her past history with cocaine addiction. The more severe the addiction, the greater the treatment presence there will be, and vice versa.

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