Opiate Detox

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), between 26 and 36 million people throughout the world abuse opiates. In the United States, opiate abuse rates have skyrocketed over recent years, with more people than ever before abusing them. Not only is the abuse of opiates on the continual rise, but so are overdoses caused by opiate abuse.

While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Athens campus, JourneyPure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

In fact, more than 115 people die each day due to an opiate overdose. With the knowledge that opiate abuse has reached epidemic proportions, several different initiatives have been put in motion to scale back the numbers of deaths occurring because of these substances. For example, all emergency personnel such as firefighters, police officers, and EMT’s now carry Narcan, which is the brand name for naloxone, a medication capable of reversing an overdose. The use of Narcan has saved thousands of lives, and it is reported that when states put forward legislation that supports the use of Narcan, 9-11 percent of opiate abusers can be prevented from dying due to overdose. In addition, Narcan can be co-prescribed with medications containing opiates or those that produce opiate-like effects.

For those who are addicted to opiates, the challenges that they can face in their everyday lives can be insurmountable. Even if someone addicted to opiates wants to stop, it is often extremely difficult to do so without the help of professionals. For these reasons it is critical you reach out to our opiate detox center in Athens, TN today.

What Are Opiates?

It is a common misconception that “opiates” and “opioids” are interchangeable terms used to describe medications like heroin, Oxycontin, and fentanyl. However, there is a difference between the terms.

Opiates refer to substances that are directly derived from the opium poppy plant, which is largely indigenous in the Middle East and Asia. Examples of opiates include morphine, heroin, and codeine. Opioids refer to substances that are a combination of opiates and other synthetic substances, or substances that are entirely synthetic but produce the same effects as opiates do. When it comes to terminology, the use of the word “opioids” can reference all opioid and opiate substances. However, the term “opiates” cannot be used to refer to both substances.

One of the most commonly abused opiates in the country is heroin. In fact, approximately one million people in the United States abuse heroin. The vast majority of today’s current heroin users first began abusing prescription painkillers, however, have transitioned to abusing heroin instead because it is much cheaper and produces the same effects as pain pills.

Opiate Dependency

Opiates like heroin, morphine, opium, and codeine are incredibly potent. Therefore, when they are being abused, it can be easy for an individual becomes addicted to them fast. As an individual continues to abuse one or more opiates, he or she will start to develop a tolerance to the dose that he or she is most used to consuming. As a result, he or she will need to increase the number of opiates being consumed in order to experience the same effects. The more that the dosage increases, the more the body and mind become dependent on opiates. Once someone is dependent on opiates, he or she will struggle with painful withdrawal symptoms that impact his or her physical and psychological well-being when he or she stops using.

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

In many cases, individuals try to end their opiate abuse on their own. When these attempts are made, it can be easy to slip back into use as a means of alleviating oneself from the distressing withdrawal symptoms that can develop. However, if an individual receives help at an opiate detox center in Athens Tennessee, he or she can better manage these symptoms, which can include the following:

Physical symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Nausea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Lethargy
  • Fluctuations in heart rate
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle and joint pain

Psychological symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Agitation

These symptoms can begin within hours after one’s last use and can persist for days to weeks, depending on the severity of the user’s addiction. For some, specific withdrawal symptoms can persist for months to even years. This is known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). When someone develops PAWS after ending his or her opiate abuse, it is important to continue to receive appropriate treatment to address those symptoms in a healthy manner.

What To Expect At Our Athens Opiate Detox Center

When an individual reaches out to our Athens, Tennessee opiate detox center, he or she will be provided with a comprehensive approach to detox.

Detox is the process of clearing the body of all addictive substances. When someone begins this part of recovery at an opiate detox center in Athens Tennessee, he or she will no longer be allowed to abuse opiates. Instead, depending on his or her specific treatment needs, the client will be given over-the-counter medications capable of helping curb some of the upsetting withdrawal symptoms that he or she might experience. Additionally, many clients who attend our opiate detox will be provided with prescription medications such as methadone and Suboxone. Each one of these medications is opioid-based, however, when given as prescribed, can help calm the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that a client is experiencing in relation to his or her detox.

Along with the use of medications, clients will also have access to mental health services. Connecting with professionals in this field can allow clients to build coping skills effective in helping them navigate some of the more difficult challenges faced in detox. Additionally, a psychological professional can help track a client’s progress and make recommendations as to if he or she needs prescription medication to treat a mental health condition.

Get The Help You Deserve At JourneyPure’s Opiate Detox Center In Athens, Tennessee

If you are addicted to opiates, there is no better time to stop then right now. With every single day that passes, you get closer and closer to suffering a deadly overdose. By reaching out to an opiate detox center in Athens, Tennessee, you can get started on the process of recovery, allowing you to live a happy, healthy life free from substance abuse.

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