Crack Detox

Someone who is abusing crack is not blind to what he or she is doing by using this deadly substance. In fact, he or she might go back-and-forth about stopping crack abuse, however the physical and psychological hold that it might have on him or her can be overwhelming to the point where the use continues uncontrollably.

While detox services are not offered at our JourneyPure Athens campus, JourneyPure has several other facilities that provide detox. We will make sure you receive the highest care of medical detoxification.

Unfortunately, when crack abuse persists, a number of consequential effects can occur.

Those who abuse crack often find that they struggle to maintain their personal, professional, and social lives to socially acceptable standards. In fact, when a crack addiction is occurring, individuals can start underperforming at work, neglecting the needs of others within their families, and breaking bonds with close friends. As a result, they can experience unemployment, financial distress, familial problems such as increased conflict, separation/divorce, and loss of child custody, as well as the loss of once close friends. On top of those consequences are physical and psychological downfalls that can include anything from a heart attack and stroke to depression and suicidal behaviors. Not to mention, the more that crack is abused, the more likely it is for the user to suffer an overdose, which has the potential to be deadly. So please, do not wait, get the help you deserve and seek professional help like the kind offered at our crack detox center in Athens, TN. 

What Is Crack?

Crack is a semi-synthetic drug that is produced throughout the world, mainly because of how simple it can be to make.

To make crack, an individual has to combine cocaine, water, and baking soda and boil it. When it is being boiled, it makes a crackling sound, which is where the name “crack” originated. As the mixture cools, it becomes rock-like and can be cut into pieces for distribution or personal use. Despite crack containing cocaine, it can be a much more dangerous substance of use due to it containing baking soda (or sometimes even ammonia).

When using crack, the high that develops is one of intense focus, energy, and an overall sense of euphoria. The high that is experienced only lasts for a short period of time, about 15 minutes, meaning that if the user wants to keep his or her high going, he or she needs to keep using back-to-back. It is often because of this very action that people become addicted to crack – and quickly.

Without a doubt, crack is one of the most addictive substances in the world and attempting to stop using it can feel absolutely impossible to someone who is addicted to it. However, attending our crack detox center in Athens can help crack users finally put down the pipe and begin making strides towards recovery.

What To Expect At Our Athens Crack Detox Center

Detoxification, or detox, is the process of clearing any and all dangerous substances from the body. When someone enters into an Athens Tennessee crack detox center, he or she will no longer be able to abuse crack, but will instead be in the care of medical and psychological professionals who can help them through this challenging process.

Each client at our crack detox in Athens will experience detox differently, as the complexity of this process is usually reflective of how much crack was being abused, how often it was being consumed, and how long it was being abused. For some, crack detox might only last for a few days to a week, while for others, it can last for weeks to months.

With the support of the medical team at our Athens, Tennessee crack detox center, however, all individuals regardless of the severity of their addiction can get the help they need. For example, medical professionals such as nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors will conduct routine vital sign checks, as well as prescribe and administer medications to help with the physical aspects related to withdrawal. This same medical team will be able to determine if a client needs further assistance than what they are capable of providing and will ensure that he or she is guided towards the appropriate care.

The mental health team typically does not have as strong of a presence during the detox process as the medical team does, however they are involved in ensuring that each client is psychologically stable and moving in the right direction. This is done by checking in with each client and circling back with clients’ medical team to determine how much psychiatric intervention is needed at the time of detox.  

Crack Withdrawal Symptoms

The reason for the strong presence of both medical and mental health professionals at our crack detox center is because the withdrawal symptoms that clients can experience can range from being slightly uncomfortable to unbearable. Again, the kinds of symptoms that a client will present with will be related to his or her relationship with crack (e.g. someone who has abused large amounts of crack for a long time will likely have more serious withdrawal symptoms than someone who only used a small amount for a short period of time). Some of the symptoms that are most commonly experienced by those who are ending crack abuse include the following:

  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Shaking
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Anger
  • Being unable to experience pleasure
  • Vivid dreams
  • Problems urinating

Some of these symptoms, such as depression, can continue on for much longer than others and require more advanced care to treat. However, in most cases, the strongest of withdrawal symptoms only last for about a week or so.

When enrolled in our Athens, Tennessee crack detox center, individuals can be assisted during the period of detox so that the withdrawal symptoms that they do experience can be managed in a way that keeps them as comfortable as possible.

Get The Help You Deserve At Our Crack Detox Center in Athens, TN

If you are addicted to crack, know that no matter how deep you are in your addiction, that you can always reach out for help. Even the most avid users of crack and other powerful drugs have recovered from the darkness that the disease of addiction can bring.

Do not wait any longer. Start your recovery at crack detox in Athens, TN. We can help you get on track to a better tomorrow.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.