UBH AmeriChoice

UBH AmeriChoice is a health plan provider currently operating in 25 states and the District of Columbia. It serves over two million beneficiaries of Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance programs, special needs plans, and related government-sponsored healthcare programs. The UBH stands for United Behavioral Health.

A subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, UBH AmeriChoice healthcare programs are designed to address the complex medical and social needs of the populations it serves, particularly the chronically ill, those with disabilities, and those presenting a higher risk for medical and behavioral conditions.

AmeriChoice focuses not only on members’ medical issues, but also on the social, behavioral, and economic factors that come into play in members’ attempts to maintain their health. The company coordinates resources among family members, physicians, other health care providers, and government and community-based organizations to ensure continuous and effective care.

AmeriChoice programs tend to focus on high-prevalence and debilitating chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, asthma, sickle cell disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and high-risk pregnancies. Outreach and education programs developed by leading researchers and clinicians are offered to AmeriChoice members in order to target common conditions among members, as well as ensure preventive care for children and adults.

AmeriChoice and Addiction Treatment

Typically, a network plan offers a range of substance abuse treatment facilities. Some policies may also have pre-certification requirements, depending on which services are provided and whether the treatment program is inpatient or outpatient.

When it comes to addiction and behavioral health treatment, AmeriChoice parent UnitedHealth maintains a separate division, United Behavioral Health (UBH), to promote confidentiality and efficiency of treatment for those pursuing recovery.

Along with Amerigroup and BlueCare, United Health has determined the need for a comprehensive network of providers offering Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for members with opioid use disorder. This provider network provides MAT under guidelines drawn up by the three companies.

MAT involves the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to treat substance use disorders. Research has shown that, when treating substance-use disorders, a combination of medication and behavioral therapies is most successful for some people. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several medications for MAT use, including buprenorphine-based products and naltrexone products.

Finding the Most Appropriate Treatment

Researching your insurance options can be overwhelming. Knowledgeable advisors who can verify your coverage and help you find the best treatment are available through UBH AmeriChoice. Call your managed care provider to ask about the details of your individual plan.

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.