Behavioral Health Systems

Behavioral Health Systems was formed in 1989 as a privately held corporation headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with regional offices in Cleveland, Atlanta, and New Orleans. It provides employee assistance programs, behavioral healthcare, and substance abuse programs to private and public sector employers throughout the U.S.

Through its providers, BHS offers integrated Employee Assistance Program-style behavioral health, drug testing and screening, behavioral comp management, and wellness programs.

BHS administers its own national preferred provider organization (PPO) of more than 20,000 healthcare providers, including behavioral health-related hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

Through this PPO, the company administers the mental health and substance use disorder treatment (MHSA) and employee assistance program (EAP) benefits on behalf of its contracted employers. BHS employees oversee the care provided through this PPO and process all claims between employees and BHS providers.

Since inception, Deborah and the BHS executive team recognized the need to offer a full range of complementary behavioral health-related products and services. Programs such as Safety First (drug testing administration), Behavioral Comp Management (psychiatric workers comp), Behavioral Rx Management and Wellness First were developed to fulfill this need. Safety First has proven highly successful, with quadrupled sales growth since 2002.

Over nearly 30 years of operation, BHS has achieved benchmarks of growth for the benefit of its investors and clients.  These include:

     A 92 percent employer-client retention rate since the company’s launch in 1989

     Client cost savings at 50 to 70 percent below national cost averages

     A 96 percent patient satisfaction rate since 1994

     A staff turnover rate averaging less than 3 percent per year

Inpatient Addiction Treatment versus Outpatient

Depending on how serious the addiction is, the patient or his or her family must decide whether inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment is the best choice.

Inpatient treatment features residential accommodations, where patients live for 30 or 60 days to focus on beating their addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders. It is recommended for those with serious addictions or long-term mental health issues. An outpatient facility, meanwhile, only requires the patient to participate for a number of hours per week. Outpatient treatment, like what can be found at JourneyPure Athens, is suited for those with less serious, short-term addictions.

Verifying Coverage and Finding the Best, Most Appropriate Treatment

Studying up on insurance options can be overwhelming, especially if you or someone you know is suffering with addiction. Knowledgeable advisors can verify your insurance coverage and find the best treatment for you. Simply call your provider and ask about the details of your plan.s

Get the best treatment for yourself or a loved one.