Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is a substance that can be found at almost all social gatherings, ranging from housewarming parties and birthday celebrations to family dinners and holiday parties. While many people are able to consume alcohol in a responsible manner, countless people are not.

More than 15 million people in the United States suffer from alcohol use disorder. Several of these individuals find that once they start drinking, they simply cannot stop. Others with alcohol use disorder might not have problems starting and stopping, but instead utilize one or two days in the week to binge drink to excess and do not drink on the rest of the days of the week. While there are different ways to abuse alcohol, one thing is for sure – someone who cannot control his or her drinking requires professional treatment like the kind offered at our alcohol rehab center in Athens, TN to stop using altogether.

Someone who is suffering from alcohol use disorder is likely to run into a handful of different problems throughout all areas of his or her life. It is common for an alcohol user to experience a decline in his or her work or school performance, as well as in his or her relationships with loved ones. For example, someone who is abusing alcohol might show up late to work, miss deadlines, and cut corners in their work due to being hungover. It is also possible for conflict to erupt between the user and his or her friends and family, as the user might display behaviors such as dishonesty, deceitfulness, untrustworthiness, and unpredictable mood swings. Other consequences, such as trouble with the law (e.g. DUI’s, public intoxication), financial problems, and health issues can develop, making it more difficult for an individual to function.

Despite the common myth that people who drink too much can learn how to drink responsibly, there is nothing that treats alcohol use disorder like the care provided at an alcohol rehab center. With a comprehensive, evidence-based approach, our rehab can guide those abusing alcohol towards a life free of alcohol.

Components of An Alcohol Rehab


When someone with an alcohol use disorder is connected to an Athens alcohol abuse rehab center, he or she will immediately go through the intake and assessment process. Outside of gathering basic information, such as name, address, and phone number, admissions professionals will also have the individual partake in an assessment to help determine the level of care he or she might need. At this time, a treatment plan can be developed for the client, and it can be decided upon if he or she will be best suited for a residential program, intensive outpatient program, or an outpatient program. From there, the first steps of an alcohol addiction rehab center in Athens Tennessee can commence.


Detox is often the first step in one’s alcohol treatment, however, not everyone needs to participate in this service. Detox is the process of clearing the body of all addictive substances like alcohol and any other substances that were also being abused simultaneously. This is done by no longer consuming alcohol and allowing the body to go into a period of withdrawal, which is notoriously distressing both physically and mentally.

To help manage symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, nausea, vomiting, and irritability, the team at our alcohol rehab center in Athens will provide over-the-counter medications to help make those symptoms less painful. Additionally, those withdrawing from alcohol can also be prescribed medications (such as Antabuse and naltrexone) designed to help minimize the impacts of withdrawal, as well as help curb cravings.

When medically indicated, it is imperative that an individual participates in detox, as some symptoms he or she might experience can be deadly if not properly treated. These symptoms include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, fever, and seizures, which can be deadly themselves, but also if the seizure leads to head trauma or other bodily harm. Once it is determined that a client is stable, he or she can begin therapy.


When recovering from alcohol use disorder, it can take several different kinds of therapies to help sort through the many emotional and psychological layers that have contributed to or developed in response to one’s alcohol abuse. Within each client’s treatment program, he or she will be included in the therapies that the team feels most appropriate for them. However, there are a handful of therapies that all of those in recovery for alcohol use disorder participate in, including the following:

  • Group therapy – Those who find themselves in an alcohol addiction rehab center quickly realize that the majority of the therapeutic work that they do is done in the company of others. Group therapy is a kind of evidence-based treatment that brings recovering alcohol users together in an effort to promote healing amongst all in the group simultaneously. Group therapy covers a number of common topics and encourages clients to participate in activities and exercises. The greatest benefit that can come from group therapy is the development of a strong support system where a client can both give and receive support.
  • Individual therapy – Individual therapy is a kind of therapy where a client can be provided the chance to talk about his or her alcohol use disorder in private with a professional. In this setting, most clients discuss things that they never would in the presence of others, allowing for deeper healing. Individual therapy sessions serve as a way to identify and address the ways in which alcohol use disorder has personally impacted the client.
  • Behavioral therapy – Behavioral therapy, which can be conducted both in a group and individual therapy, helps clients learn how to modify their negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By challenging distorted thoughts or feelings, clients can deconstruct why they behave in the ways that they do and begin working on developing new ways to function so that they can support their own recovery.

Depending on the type of alcohol addiction rehab center in Athens Tennessee that a client participates in, he or she can also engage in experiential therapy, holistic therapy, relapse prevention classes, life skills workshops, and more.


When the client is prepared to complete his or her stay at an alcohol addiction rehab center in Athens Tennessee, he or she will be provided with an aftercare plan that will help them continue their progress out in the real world. Depending on the needs of the client, an aftercare plan might include plans to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, continue individual psychotherapy sessions with a local therapist, and take certain actions at home (e.g. removing paraphernalia and other items that might remind him or her of drinking) that can help the client live more comfortably in his or her newly recovered life.

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If you continue drinking, the likelihood of you staying on the straight and narrow and achieving success in your life is very slim. Alcohol use disorder is an extremely dangerous condition that is fatal if left untreated. However, you do not need to keep using in fear of what might happen if you stop. By reaching out to our Athens, Tennessee alcohol rehab center, you can get started on your own personal recovery.

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